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Testimonies from Grace: June 2019

Grace Covenant Community Celebrations and ‘God moments’:  June, 2019

It is a blessing to share with our church family some exciting reflections of God’s handiwork in May and June 2019:

FriendZ (our youth group) is setting up to do their annual missions outreach in in rural Colorado. It looks to like they will have one of the largest teams ever going along. God is clearly working in the lives of the students as they are excited to reflect Him on their upcoming trip.

The Romans 10 Project reports that at a recent training there were several future missionaries who heard God’s call and have chosen to be His hands and feet in future missions places around the world.Children’s ministries is excited for the upcoming VBS, which God has revealed. The Children’s ministries team is walking in faith to follow this vision from the Lord. They desire to see young hearts coming to Jesus. And also desire to provide a window to Jesus for the parents of the kids who will participate.

Tuesday cooperate  prayer time has been asking God to reveal His way, change hearts that need changing, and prepare us for what God’s direction is for our body of believers. God’s presence and momentum is growing. We praise God that He has provided a way for us to bring “to Earth as it is in heaven”. Visions of New “wine” (which is God’s move)  and new “wineskins” which are flexible hearts to Holy Spirit’s direction) are present.

If you see it and feel it around you praise His Holy Name! “AMEN!”

Adult Ministries is excited for the willing hearts they see and the new teaching ideas that are being revealed. More people at Grace are sensing and reporting God’s presence and will in their lives and a desire to submit to Him with changed hearts.

A number of members have reported God breathed opportunities to share their faith and the gospel message of the cross of Christ while undergoing their own medical procedures. Praise God that he brings all things to good!

The teaching team for Sunday morning messages is excited about how God has revealed what should come next. They are blessed by the way God has lead us from Romans, to the Sermon on the mount, and now into the Parables of Jesus! God loves this church and He is calling us closer! He is asking us to forsake previous ways of relating with Him that were not fruitful, and step more completely into His love and call in our lives!

Grace’s Grocery has been very blessed so far this year.  They applied for the Food Pantry Assistance Grant and received $2500 to use towards Colorado Proud Products and 10% of the funds towards new equipment.  They used the 10% towards 2 new refrigerators and a new freezer.  They also secured two local farmers to do business with us regularly.  One local farmer sold us meat which stocked the freezer with fresh beef and the other was able to provide dozens of eggs each month during the grant period.  The farmers said this was such a blessing to help them out in a slow time.

God breathed moments are frequent in the ministry of Grace’s Grocery, one person who recently came through nearly broke down as she described her husband being laid off and feeling like she didn’t know where to turn for food until she found Grace’s Grocery. She said the quality and healthy foods available at the food pantry really make her physically and emotionally feel much better… Jesus will say “as you have done it to the least of these you have done it unto me!”

These are but a few of the examples we have been made aware of that demonstrate God’s ongoing work in our lives!

We sing with heaven as God is revealed! Be encouraged! God is good and He is at work among us! God’s love for us and His church is undeniable!

Testimonies from Grace: May 2019

Grace Covenant Community Celebrations and ‘God moments’:  May 18, 2019

The Lord is good! We are excited to be starting some of what he is doing through our community here at Grace. It’s our deepest desire to make the sharing of testimonies a regular occurrence. Here is some from the 6 weeks preceding May 18, 2019.

Many of our church family support the “Romans 10 Project” mission’s fund. The R10P has been working for the past 5 years on a New Testament translation for the Hadzabe people. Previously they have had no Scripture in their language. This year the New Testament was finished! Spectacular news keeps coming from Mariamu, R10P’s contact on ground in Tanzania and missionary to the Hadza. Mariamu committed her life to Jesus early in the visits to the Hadza and has become the resident missionary and pastor to her own people. Just last month (April 2019) 4 more people came to a relationship with Jesus! His word is powerful!

Closer to home we praise God that in our youth group (Friday Night Frenzy) one student recently gave their life to Christ and decided to turn away from a broken lifestyle that they had been living in!

Amen & amen! We celebrate with the Angels in heaven about these many decisions people have made to follow Jesus! 

Also, we are praising God that He moved a donor to generously and completely fund the garden landscaping upgrades here at GCC!! We Know that it was the Lord who was moving powerfully in the heart of this donor to give. We are blessed by the landscaping that is now nearly finished!

Another large donation came in this last week from a past AWANA family for the Children’s Ministry. The God moment part was that children’s ministries and Awana had just decided to take a large financial step in faith. They didn’t have the money, but felt lead to step out anyway. This donation unexpectedly came in after that faithful commitment was made. The donation more than covered the cost of the step made in faith.

It is amazing how God works with one person to fund the faithfulness of another, allowing both to be blessed by being faithful!

God is revealing His presence regularly with our worship services on Sunday mornings. We are so thankful to be led by our prayerful brother Chris. We had a powerful moment during a recent Sunday service where we sensed the faithfulness of Jesus at work. What happened was Chris choose a song that he knew God was calling him to choose but it didn’t seem to match the sermon topic at all. The song was about how faith is reflected with a picture of a tree blowing with challenges in the wind and remaining firm.  It just so happened that the speaker that week, Joseph, used a tree as the major illustration of his sermon. As we sang the song (about the tree) which, God told Chris to put at the end of the set, we all experienced powerful moment of God’s sovereignty! 

When we submit to God’s whisper, blessing certainly occurs.

On a global note, one of our members met an Iranian taxi driver on a recent trip to D.C. The driver was displaying 2 crosses in his taxi cab. When our member asked the taxi driver about the crosses, he said that many Iranian people (who are typically Muslim) are converting to Christ. Many are converting because they are having dreams where Jesus appears to them and tells them to read the Bible. The crazy thing is that there are only English Bibles available in Iran and God has given many people the ability to read English just so that they can read and understand the Bible! Many of these people have never read or spoken English before in their life. We praise God for these amazing reports!

These are but a few of the examples we have been made aware of that demonstrate God’s hand in our lives! We are blessed to be able to put our finger on the pulse of God’s love for us and His church! We would love to share your God moments with the church and on our website. Just get us in the loop! Share your moment with any leadership team member or staff member and we will spread the news!

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