Date Title Description File Name Download
2016-09-28 Volunteer Opportunities at GCC as of 9.18.16 Please download the list of volunteer opportunities and make contact with the designated person. Thank you for your participation. Summary_Handout_for_internet.doc Download Now
2015-01-29 GCC Small Group Offerings Small_Groups_for_website_as_of_2_16_18_v7.doc Download Now
2010-05-11 Facilty Use Policies/Regs (Part 1) Facility Use policies and regulations. Facility_Use_Policy_and_Regulations_updated_version_2.4.15doc.doc Download Now
2015-05-19 Facility Use Spreadsheet (Part 2) Event Spreadsheet Facility_Use_Spreadsheet_for_website.doc Download Now
2010-05-11 GCC Facilities Use App (Part 3) Application for use of GCC facilities. Church_Facility_Application.pdf Download Now
2010-05-18 Van Use Request Form Van Use Request Form Van_Use_Request_Form.pdf Download Now
2014-07-11 Child Evangelism Fellowship (CEF) Download Now
2012-04-03 Congregational Vitality Pathway Encouraging Healthy Missional Momentum Congregational-Vitality-Pathway-11.2011.pdf Download Now
2012-04-03 10 Missional Markers The 10 healthy missional markers to help gage our progess. 10-Healthy-Missional-Markers.pdf Download Now
2007-01-02 I Have A Dream Martin Luther King Jr.'s famous address "I Have A Dream" Martin_Luther_King-I_Have_a_Dream.doc Download Now
2007-01-02 Promises from God's Word Some promises you can claim from God's word... Promises_from_God\_s_Word.doc Download Now
2007-01-02 The Claims of Jesus Who and what did Jesus claim to be? The_Claims_of_Jesus.doc Download Now
2007-01-02 How Should We Pray? Jesus told us how... How_to_Pray.doc Download Now
2007-01-02 What Teenagers Want Thoughts on What Teenagers Want... from Billy Graham What_Teenagers_Want.doc Download Now
2007-01-02 Blessings from the Bible Special blessings from God's word Blessings_from_the_Bible.doc Download Now
2007-01-02 The Resurrection of Jesus Bet your eternal life on it... The_Resurrection_of_Jesus.doc Download Now
2007-01-02 How To Have a Relationship With God You can know God as His child... find out how. How_to_Have_a_Relationship_with_God.doc Download Now
2007-01-02 The Importance of Your Heart God looks at your heart... find out more. Importance_of_the_Heart.doc Download Now

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