Nic and Katie’s Small Group – 5-8pm

(Young Adults – for food, fellowship and Bible Study)

Join us as we strive to build community with one another. This small group is aimed towards post high school life livers, college students, and young professionals who are interested in pursuing an intentional walk with Christ. We are married, single, and somewhere in between. New believers, older believers, and some folks just feeling things out. Our goal is to create community with one another, and to engage with the believers and nonbelievers alike with true meaning.

Our Five guiding questions include:

1) What does it mean to live intentionally?

2) How can we become God’s hands and feet?

3) How do we thrive in a community of believers?

4) How can we engage with the Bible?

5) What does it look to be in relationship with Christ?

For more information please contact the church office: 303-988-7505 x12