New Frontier Bible Meeting

Starts at 6:30pm (2nd and 4th Saturday of the month)

We all know times have dramatically changed globally, in our country and our state – socially, politically and especially spiritually. Many changes are evident, both in the increase of God’s “moves” as well as the apparent manifestations of evil. There has been a shift in the acceptance of biblical truth, and consequently, biblical truth is now rapidly trending toward secular interpretation. Thankfully, the Author of the Bible, the Holy Spirit (Eph3:16-17), has preempted the times by way of His timeless truth and instruction. These are not times to despair in ignorance and uncertainty, rather they are times to search the Scriptures for God wisdom, explanation and marching orders – what is the Church to do? So, as the spiritual climate of our country has certainly changed, we are searching the Scriptures to see God’s marvelous plans for us as individual sons and daughters and corporately as His Church. We are now treading on new, of great consequence adventures with God – we have entered a New Frontier.

Open to Adults only, and please feel free to bring desserts or beverages to share

For more information please contact the church office: 303-988-7505 x12